My Brand...I Am Tommy CCT:

Born Carlton Thomas, in Howells Content, May Pen Clarendon. With the accent of the Jamaican Islands and a love for his country he resided in Canada for thirty years where he developed and established his fashion line called "Tommy's Fashions. Tommy CCT is the proud model of his designs. Now, he lives resides in Texas where he is with his beautiful wife and love of his life. They are both called to service of our 'King of Kings'. He has a professional trade with 40 years experience in Fashion Designing and Tailoring. Then there is the music. Multiple Akademia Award winning gospel artistTommy CCT sews as good as he sings. Called of God young, he started singing from the age of seven in his little district. He sang at Youth Clubs and at the tender age of 15 he started a group called "The Jacketeers" where they landed their first single entitle "Jail I as You Loke." The song was written by Roy Beckford who was the leader of the Slickers whom sang "Johnny U Too Bad". Their second single released written by Carlton Thomas, titled "Out Where The Sun Shine" written was distributed by G.G. Recording Company with an album released in England. One single from the LP called "Keep On Moving" went #30 in the top 100 in the Queens England. Performances commenced all over Jamaica appearing with artists like "Mighty Diamond", the "Maytones", "Barbara Jones", "Leon Hyatt", and "Ruddy Thomas". However, in December the year 1980 the group split up as Carlton Thomas migrated to Canada. He continued to pursue music in the north singing lead with his new band, gigging at night clubs, where he met George Nooks who began backing the band. Tommy CCT also did some recording for Bunny Gemini. Then, a major transformation took place and he changed his entire focus. Service to God became the driving force of his depth and he dedicated his life's work in a call on his life 'to be fishers of men' for the Lord. Now he greatly encourages those who are hurting and his goal is to strengthen those in need solely in the Lord. He is anointed and appointed by the Lord. His search for love and truth led him to know that there is no greater love than the Lord. So he would encourage others to 'taste and see that the Lord is good' and 'blessed is the man that trusted in Him', which is in Psalm 34:8. "Life in Christ is the only goal for touching the human soul. He loves us so He gave Himself to save us. He is the only one worthy. That is the God we serve". Tommy CCT

"After 20 years as a stylist of fashion, I was ready to start sewing something different into those people I meet. The Word of God and the seed of faith. A ministry that would let me evolve my own ideas then using my gifts musically I sought to move others with the passion for Christ that I have come to know and hold dear. Today I walk in confidence with Him and the CCM music that is touching lives everywhere God opens the door. I still want to share my passion for fashion, and watch as my clients discovered the transformative power of a knock-out look. More deeply and more than anything I desired to concern myself with the inside job of where people are in the Lord. Thus, I answered the call to ministry and music at the same time. Now, I am Tommy CCT or Minister Tommy CCT to some".

Today my clients are people I choose to love as Jesus loved me -- men and women who want serious input on their style of life, advice on what to believe, or how to find the path to everlasting life. Eternity is a choice as is style of clothing or accessorizing but what a difference it makes to give someone a lasting choice. Jesus satisfies. Once I found Him I turned my tailoring to an inside job. Give Him a chance. It will I’ make you feel great. I promise.